Privacy policy

Privacy Policy innovattio.eu

1. General note.

  1. Services innovattio.eu operator is Innovattio Tronina Tomasz, hedquarters in 59-140 Chocianów, ul Kasztanowa 1A, Poland. Company is registered in CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business): NIP:6922335999, REGON: 020723355.
  2. Service realize functions of gathering information about users and their behavior in following way:
    1. Through freely implemented information in forms.
    2. Through saved cookie files.
    3.  Through gathering www server logs by hosting operator.

2. Information in forms.

  1. Service gathers information given freely by user.
  2. Service can save data about  connection parameters (time, IP adress)
  3. Data gathered in forms will not be shared with third party without user’s permission.
  4. Data gathered in forms are processed for the purpose of the function of particular form, i.e. to appoint meeting or to gain trading contact.
  5. Data gathered in forms may be shared with party providing some technical services – this applies in particual sharing data about holders of registered internet domains with operators of internet domains (especially NASK – Scientific and Academic Computer Network), services operating payments or other party that services operator cooperates in that matter.

3. Information about cookies files.

  1. Service uses cookie files.
  2. Cookie files are information files, in particular text files stored on users device,. Those files are intended to be  used on services website. Cookies usually contains name of website they came from, time of storage on users device and unique number.
  3. Party that implement cookies on users device gaining access to these data is service operator.
  4.  Cookie files are used in following purposes:
    1. Creating statistics for better understanding how users use service websites to improve websites content.
    2. Holding users session after logging in so that user wont have to log on each subsite of service.
    3. Creating users profile to match and display matched advertisements in particular in Google’s web.
  5. In service we use two types of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on users device until user log out, leave the website or turn off program (browser). Persistent cookie files are stored on users device through time specified in cookie parameter or until user delete them.
  6. Programs to browse websites (browsers) usually allows storing cookie files on users device by default. Service user may change settings in that matter. Browser allows user to delete cookies. It is also possible to block cookie files automaticly. Detailed information in that matter can be found in browser’s documentation.
  7. Restrictions in using cookie files may influence some functionality available on services website.
  8. Cookie files stored on users device may also be used by operators cooperators, advertisers and partners.
  9. We recommend reading privacy policy companies mentioned in pargraph above  to familiarize yourself with their cookies policy used in statistics: Google Analytics policy privacy.
  10. Cookie files may be used by advertisements companies specially Google to display advertisements matched to the users way of using the service. In that purpose such companies may save data about users site navigation or time spent on website.
  11. In matter of information about users preferences gathered by Google’s advertisement company user may scroll and edit information resulting from cookie files using tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

4. Server logs.

  1. Information about some user behavior is logged in the server layer. Those data are used in service administrating and providing better hosting services only.
  2. Displayed resources are identified through URL address. Therefore may be saved:
    1. time of inquiry
    2. time of answer sending
    3. name of clients station – identification realized through HTTP protocol.
    4. information about errors that occurred during realization of HTTP transaction.
    5.  URL address of user previously visited website (referer link) – in situation when visiting of service occurred through external link or reference.
    6. information about user browser
    7. information about user IP address
  3. All information mentioned above are not associated with particular person visiting service
  4. All information mentioned above are used for administrative purpose only.

5. Data sharing.

  1. Data can be shared with the third party only according to the applicable law.
  2. Data allowing to identify particular person are shared only with that person’s consent
  3.  Operator may be obliged to share data gathered by service authorized law departments basing on applicable law.

6. Managing cookie files – how to agree and disagree in practice.

  1. If user does not want to receive cookie files can change it in browser settings. We would like to state that restrictions in using cookie files necessary for authentication, security, keeping users preferences, may complicate and sometimes even prevent from using www websites.
  2. In order to manage cookie settings pick a browser/system from list below and follow  the instractions:
    1. Internet Explorer
    2. Chrome
    3. Safari
    4. Firefox
    5. Opera
    6. Android
    7. Safari (iOS)
    8. Windows Phone
    9. Blackberry